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August 10, 1990 was the day that changed my life forever. I was abducted out of my bedroom window by Dennis Earl Bradford at approximately 2:30 am at an apartment complex in the 3200 block of Lobit in Dickinson, Texas. I was then raped and left to die after having my throat slashed in a field off of the 2100 block of California Street in Dickinson. I laid there, barely clinging to life, for approximately 12-14 hours before some children playing nearby found me. I was transported via Life Flight to John Sealy Hospital in Galveston, Texas, where I stayed for several weeks being treated for the injuries I sustained. 

I remember laying in the PICU, hoping that no other child would ever have to go through what I just had. Iíve wanted nothing more than for my attacker to be caught, and 19 years later, on October 13, 2009, my dream came true. I made a commitment to myself that I would not give up, and that I would continue to fight for justice; for myself and for other victims. I would have stood alone or with support because I couldn't bear the thought of this man taking from others what he took from me that night. Bradford may have stolen my voice for a very short time, he may have taken from me my ability to trust others easily, and he may have taken away a part of my being and innocence, but he never took away my will to survive, my strength or my passion for life, and he never will. 

God gave me my voice back, and I am going to continue to stand up and use it!

Thank you all for taking the time to visit my website and read a small part of my story. Feel free to stay awhile and browse! Click on the various links to learn more about my case. I am forever grateful for all of the prayers and outpouring of support. Please continue to visit this website regularly and remember YOU CAN HELP by encouraging others to speak out as well!

Peace & Love,